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 מומחים להקמת מעבדות לתעשייה, ייבוא והתקנה של טכנולוגיות פורצות דרך בתעשייה

מרעיון לחזון, למציאות, ליצירת שיתופי פעולה ותמיכה אקטיבית בלקוחות התעשייה

חברת סולטק שמה בעדיפות עליונה את הליווי הטכני, עם צוות טכני חזק יציב ומוכשר שנועד לתת מענה מהיר ומקצועי.

חברת סולטק זכתה בפרס בינלאומי על איכות השירות לשנת 2021

First Prize Badge

החל מינואר 2022 - סולטק היא המפיצה הבלעדית בישראל עבור חברת 







קנאביס רפואי




מכוני תערובת​

שמן וקמח

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Itay Rogojinsky


I had the pleasure of working with Yael for the last 6 years. Yael is a true professional in her field, dedicated to her customers success and respected by her peers. Her vast knowledge, understanding, reliability and can-do attitude are the basis of our strong professional relationship.

She provides constant support (anytime, anywhere) with her calm reassuring personality. 

No challenge is too big or too small for her.

Yael is the type of person you want on your side, she will always "roll up her sleeves" to help and support her customers with a smile.


Shlomi Avraham,


I had the opportunity to work with Yael on a highly important and complicated project for one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in Israel. From the initiation of the project and throughout the delivery, installation and implementation of the new instruments, Yael has demonstrated highly professional services that eventually has led to a successful project.

Walking Under Gas Pipes

Yohai Silbeberg

LR Group

I had the opportunity to enjoy Yael’s services in two projects related to milk processing which were established abroad. In both cases Yael supported us professionally with high level of dedication until successful completion of the project.

Yael was open minded to understand our unusual requirements and to give the most suitable answers and solutions. Her commitment to the success of the project was proved by constant availability and willingness be present at the project site when required.


Eyal Jonas

Vital Tomosi Dairy

Yael established well equipped dairy laboratory including state of the art equipment in Vital Tomosi’s Dairy Uganda.

 Equipment well installed & calibrated while training the laboratory technicians to the desired working level.

Operating manuals and tests procedures were professionally delivered and Yael is always available to trouble shooting and further advise when needed.

 Yael is highly recommended to your laboratory establishment.




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